Makeovers are awesome! They make you feel gorgeous, a new you! But, does it happen to you that sometimes we want to replicate what the makeup artist did for us and we can’t? The same goes with a hairdo.  Or even with a facial.

This blog is about YOU.  How you can do a makeover yourself with the products you already have.  I may use some brand names that I have found to be very good and also some products that you may already have in your kitchen and that you may completely incorporate into your daily routine.

A little background

The skin is the largest organ in our bodies.  It needs to be treated as such, not just for beauty purposes, but for health purposes.  It is our first line of defense against the environment and its structure is highly complex.  When we don’t take proper care of our skin, it may result in cancer, acne, melasma, actinic keratosis, and others.  Yes, some of these conditions cannot be prevented.  I, for one, have been taking serious care of my skin for over 20 years and yet, I have developed melasma and had a little bit of actinic keratosis which was frozen a few months ago.  Genetics play an important part.  But we need to improve the way we treat our skin.

How to properly cleanse your face:

Most people do the following:

– they don’t wash their face at all,

– or just use water

– or use water and (pH-altering) soap when taking a shower

– they do one cleansing without removing makeup and pollutants on the skin surface first

– they may or may not use a (drying) toner

– they may or may not end their routine with a moisturizer

Most skincare professionals will recommend a double cleansing of the skin.  The first one is to remove makeup and pollutants so that the second cleansing can actually clean the skin. I personally recommend the first cleansing to be performed with olive oil mixed with a little bit of lemon juice.  Why olive oil? Because olive oil traps everything on the surface of your skin.  Oily skin? Olive oil will absorb your natural excess skin oil allowing your skin to rest from oil production and leaving your skin moisturized and soft.  You then follow with another cleansing – this time with a face wash or cleansing cream. It is important that the cleanser does not contain sulfates because these alter the pH of the skin, contributing to breakouts, blackheads, and dehydration, which in turn causes lines and wrinkles.

The third step should be an exfoliant. This third step can be performed daily or weekly – depending on which product you’re using.  Not all exfoliants are meant to be used daily!! Remember that daily exfoliants are gentle enough to remove the dead cells on the surface of your skin.  However, a weekly or monthly exfoliant (namely chemical peel) should be also performed to remove a couple or more of deeper layers of cells to ensure collagen production and cell renewal.

The fourth step should be a mask.  This step is performed once a week after a deeper exfoliation.  If you are not getting a weekly deep exfoliation, the mask will not perform optimally.  You already spend a lot of money as it is with your skincare products.  Use them properly so that you can receive the benefits for which they are intended.

The last step is a moisturizer.  You should have 2 types of moisturizers in your beauty pantry: a day time moisturizer and a night time moisturizer.  What’s the difference? For the most part, a day time moisturizer will contain sun protection.  This is ESSENTIAL just like brushing your teeth and wearing deodorant!! An SPF15 does not offer enough protection.  Try a moisturizer with SPF28 or above.

At night, your parasympathetic system kicks in.  This is the part of the nervous system that allows the body to heal and therefore it is most receptive to highly active ingredients.  If you can use a serum before your night time moisturizer, even better! Night time moisturizers tend to be thicker and have highly active ingredients that work in synch with the skin.  They are more than a moisturizer – they are an intensive treatment and usually address one or more skin concerns.

How to apply makeup:

Makeup should always be applied on a clean face just like an artist will paint on a blank, clean canvas.  When your skin is exfoliated, your skin will glow through your makeup!! It makes the application go on smoothly and able to hide some imperfections better.

The new sensation in cosmetics is the BB cream.  I highly recommend the brand SKIN79.

On a clean AND moisturized face, apply BB cream or a primer. These are great to neutralize uneven skin tones, cover some imperfections, and depending on what product you are using, they can tighten the skin to give you a lifting effect, diminish lines, diminish darker pigmentation and control oil.  Follow with liquid or mineral powder foundation.  Liquid foundations are best applied with a foundation brush (not sponge or fingers) and mineral powder foundations are best applied with a brush specifically designed for this purpose (usually called kabuki brush).  A regular powder brush will not work with mineral powder due to the consistency of the powder.  See photos of both brushes below:


Blush is applied by looking straight in the mirror.  See where the iris of your eye is and with your finger find the indentation of your cheek bone.  That’s where you need to start.  Follow that indentation all the way to the temple.  For a more youthful and healthy look, try blushes with a little bit of shimmer.  ELF brand (at Target) goes on beautifully! However, depending on your face type, you may need to adjust the direction of the application. See photo below:


There are many different ways to apply eye shadow.  The classic way to apply eye shadow is by using 3 tones: the medium color goes on the lower lid, the darker color on the crease of the eye and the lighter color goes right below the brow bone.  When you apply the darker color on the crease of the eye, apply it in the shape of a V (>) going from the crease toward the outside of the eye and closing it just above the lash line. See photos below:


However, shape and size of eye, shape of face, and fashion all play a role in eye shadow application.

Eyeliner is applied depending on how the eye shadow was applied and taking in consideration the results you want to achieve.  Young women are in more liberty to play with eyeliner color and application. See photo below:


Middle aged and older women should try to stick to using eyeliner above the lash line of the upper lid only. It makes the eye appear more open. See photo below: Image

If you want to make your eyes appear bigger, eyeliner should be applied outside of the lash line.  If you want your eyes to appear smaller, use eyeliner inside the lash line.

The same goes for lip liner.  If you want to make your lips appear fuller, apply the liner on the outside of the lip line.  If you want them to appear less full, then delineate your lips inside the lip line. Lip liners should be a shade darker than the lipstick but the same tone. The Pamela Anderson look (a dark lip liner with a much lighter color and different  shade of lipstick) is passe! Actually, she is the classic example of how she makes her lips appear fuller.  Can you see the lip liner going slightly over the upper lip in the photo below?


And take a close look at this photo. Can you see where the lip liner was applied?


The final touches

Mascara is a MOST.  No makeup is finished without mascara.  Always apply two coats.  A have found They’re Real by Benefit, Rimmel London and Maybelline to be great mascaras.  Eye brows must be properly shaped.  They are the frame of your face.  If you have thinning or light/ grey hair on your brow area, there are many alternatives in the market today.  They have brow liners and brow powders and creams (Anastasia includes templates to give yourself the desired shape), and you may also want to consider permanent makeup.  The newest techniques look like real hair!!  Visit an aesthetician who offers brow designing.  Properly threading, waxing or tweezing your eye brows will make a world of difference in your entire look! See diagram below for a look at classic brow shaping.  However, and again, keep in mind the shape of the eyes, distance between eyes, shape of face and even the natural shape of the brows.


And last but not least, to make your lips fuller and sexier, apply lip gloss either all over the lips or just in the center of upper and/or lower lips.


The following are photos of a client who took a makeup class with me.  The before photos were taken prior to her doing her own skincare regimen.  The after photos are the result of a makeup applied with a good exfoliation process and properly moisturized as well as receiving a private makeup lesson.  Also, the photos were taken with my digital camera, so there is no Photoshop.  The difference in lighting was the result of the natural light in different times of the day.

Notice how her skin glows from under the makeup! Her eyebrows give her a more defined frame to her face.  This is a very simply applied makeup and look just how sophisticated she looks.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageBella Dermis Skin Care LLC offers makeup application at our location or on site and individualized makeup lessons (meaning makeup application classes JUST FOR YOU).  We offer makeup application for weddings, quinceaneros, graduation/senior proms, special events, photoshoots, film, mother/daughter events, and private parties at home (NO MLM business – just plain all-girl fun). Check out our website for more information.

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