I want to share the great news of our partnership with Yiftee! It’s a new company that’s tapping into the way we all like to treat our family and friends. Haven’t you ever wanted to say “Happy Birthday” with a little something beyond a Facebook wall post, that’s more personal than a gift card? Or “Thanks” with a little something more than words? How about “Congratulations” to celebrate a special event, or “I’m sorry” with a thoughtful gesture?

With Yiftee, you can send your friends and family a message that there’s a facial, a brow waxing or an eye treatment at Bella Dermis waiting for them to come in and receive. Totally unexpected! Yiftee calls it a “not- so-random act of kindness.”

We like this idea because it allows us to share some of our favorite treatments and specials we’ve taken care to select with you and yours in mind. So check out Yiftee at You can send someone you care about a gift from Bella Dermis and we guarantee that when they come in to pick it up they will be treated like the special person they are.

Remember, it’s better to give than to receive. (Even better, what goes around – comes around!) Hope to see you and your friends at Bella Dermis Skin Care soon.

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