Skin Fitness for Bodybuilders and Fitness Pros


So you’re taking care of your body and preparing for a that important day – competition day!  You’re training hard, dieting and taking supplements.  You hired your posing and choreography coach, got your tan going, and ordered your suit and shoes. And while your main concern regarding the skin is your tan, are you considering the stress your skin is going through?

First you have your body weight, fat and muscle growth fluctuations.  This constant stretching of the skin is particularly distressing for the largest organ of the body, creating stretchmarks and lose skin as you get older.  Additionally, you’ve been told that in order for airbrush tanning to work, you need to use a tanning booth for a period of time.  Tanning booths are NOT safer than suntanning. UV rays are UV rays, and they cause havoc on the cells of the skin, leading to premature aging, hyper and hypo pigmentation, and cancer. Furthermore, the sweat and continuous wiping of your skin either with dirty hands or dirty towel, can cause various forms of breakouts. Not to mention that the regular use of tanning products (either spray or cream) with time can be damaging to the skin.

What about supplements and diets? Competition diets are not necessarily healthy for your skin. In fact, they can make your skin look dull, sallow, and even trigger acne.

It is important to to hire a skincare therapist that understands your skin’s needs and your lifestyle and be able to work with you during and off season.  While some folks consider hiring a skin therapist a couple of months prior to competition, it is important to continue treating the skin during off season to maintain its optimal health and go through less amount of stress and trauma.  After all, the skin is the largest organ of the body and needs to be treated with more care. It’s what holds us together and the first thing people notice – after your impressive pecs, arms, abs and legs! 🙂

legsWhy is it important to undergo a skincare regimen all year round?

First of all, as we mentioned earlier, the skin is the largest organ of the body.  All our body systems are interconnected with the skin – the excretory system (sweat), the immunological system (barrier to prevent organisms to enter our body), the nervous system (touch and sensations), the circulatory system (blood flow), etc.  The only difference is that the skin is an organ that is located outside of our bodies.  Therefore, its exposure to pollution, toxins, UV rays, environmental aggressors, weather, including what we put inside our bodies, have a direct detrimental effect on our skin.  Aging, not only is the passing of the years, but it’s also the toll of the years of environmental and biological stress that we put our skin through.

Second, receiving skincare treatments (face and body) throughout the year guarantees that the skin will be less stressed during competition season.  A good skincare treatment will provide your skin with increased vascularity (blood flow), and oxygenation, increased desquamation (exfoliation 0r shedding of extra dead cells) for a healthy glow, minimizes pores, improves elasticity, tonicity and firmness, diminishes pigmentation and scarring, and your therapist can recommend the precise products that your skin needs and homecare regimen that you must follow.

What kinds of treatments can you find at a skincare center to address your skin fitness?

– Facial treatments that address acne, rosacea or any other congestion or inflammation.

– Facial treatments that plump your skin (hydrating), and make your skin more resilient, stronger and elastic.

– Chemical peels to exfoliate dead cells and improve skin conditions.

– Body treatments that address scarring and stretchmarks

– Exfoliating body treatments, body masks and body wraps to eliminate toxins and firm the skin and to aid in improving tanning effects, making the tan last longer, or remove the tan altogether safely without damaging consequences to your skin.

– Massage and lymphatic drainage with or without essential oils and other relaxation services such as meditation, yoga, sleep, hypnosis, vibrations, reflexology, etc.

– Airbrush tanning (to avoid booth tanning) and much more!

Of course, what you can find at Bella Dermis Skin Care are:

– Facial treatments and chemical peels for both men and women


– Derriere CareTM, Intimate Skin Bleaching, Breast Firming Treatment, and Back Facials

derriere care intimate bleaching armpit breast back

– Hand treatments for men and women

hand treatment for men

– Airbrush tanning


– Makeup application


– Competition packages including photography, hair stylist, nails and massage therapist and referral to other wellness professionals.

We work by appointment only.  For more information visit our website at  We are still working on our website, so please be patient if you cannot find the exact information you’re looking for.  Please contact us directly at 813-419-SKIN for more information.  We are located in South Tampa, FL.

Monica Grajales is a Master Aestheitician with over 20 years of skin therapy experience.  She is also training for her first fitness competition in June 2014.  Let’s support her in her struggle as she prepares to compete (only 10 more months to go!), and allow her the honor to treat and prepare your skin so you can look and be your best!

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