How to Lighten your Vagina Naturally

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After seeing a ridiculous commercial on YouTube about a lightening intimate shower gel from India, I started to wonder if maybe there was a more natural way to bleach the skin.

There are two aspects about having a darker vagina than normal: having darker skin in your genital area for genetical reasons and having darker labia due to sexual experience over the years.

The first condition would require actual bleaching, topically on the skin, which can be done with a mixture of lemon, milk and rice powder. The second condition would require more soothing ingredients that would also go great together well with the bleaching ingredients above, like turmeric and yoghurt.

You can find all of these ingredients in your supermarket. You can find the rice powder in the baby section.

Milk is acidic and will exfoliate gently and get rid of old dark skin cells. Yoghurt contains natural bacteria, restores hydration and the natural flora of your vagina and cools the skin. Yoghurt also helps if you are suffering from a urinal track infection. Lemon, of course, is very acidic and bleaches the skin. I am not sure about the lightening properties of rice, it is most commonly used in oriental cultures. Anyway it will be the “flower” to our “sauce”, keeping all the ingredients together. Rice is also quite soothing. Last but definitely not least, the turmeric powder. Turmeric is a strong natural antibiotic full of anti-oxidants with many beauty benefits both through ingestion and topic application. It stimulates blood flow both inside and out, which is great for your labia in this case. It leaves skin feeling plump and thick, very alive. Finally, its bright yellow colour counteracts with greys, blues, greens and reds in your vagina’s skin. Directions:

Mixed 1 tsp of the yoghurt with 1 tsp of the milk, a squirt of lemon juice, 1 tsp of rice powder and 1 tsp of the turmeric. Don’t add too much rice powder, as this will make your lightening mask feel like dough, making it hard to spread out over your skin. You want to have a light mixture, almost like a face mask. The more turmeric the better.

You don’t have to, but I recommend shaving your vagina before applying the lightening mixture. It’s more hygienic and allows you to see and feel the result better.

Now, apply this mixture to your vagina. Leave it on for 20 minutes. If possible, sit by your bath tub on an old towel or rag to avoid any yellow stains and cleaning work. If you have any leftover, apply anywhere you want your skin to become more fair: face, neck, lower stomach, knees, legs, hands… it mights work even better there, because…the skin discoloration in your labia might be permanent. That’s mother nature! On the other hand, and for that reason, skin discoloration in that area is not something to worry much about or to be ashamed about. It’s just nicer if it works for you.

When your finished, take place in your shower or bath tub and rinse with warm water. Use a soap with neutral pH designed for the vagina, because turmeric isn’t a very clean smell. Feel how fresh and plump your labia are now! They are supposed to look a bit more pink after first use. I tried it for the first time for the last two days in a row and I must say I noticed results. And the result doesn’t go away. I didn’t even add milk, one of the main bleachers! What I noticed was a better bloodflow in my labia thanks to the tumeric, and my vagina just looked a few shades lighter and more pinkish/slate rather than red. It also felt very fresh thanks to the yoghurt.

I will let you know whether this works even better after several tries.

Good luck!


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