Eight tips from your aesthetician before you go to the spa


1) Make sure you arrive on time.  Plan for bad traffic or weather and make sure you know the location before you head to the spa, salon or clinic. Arriving 5-10 minutes early will allow you to fill out forms as needed and settle (relax) before your appointment.

2) If you are not able to make it, follow the salon’s cancellation policy.  It is a courtesy to the salon, the therapist performing the service and prospective clients who may have wanted the same time slot.  Cancelling 24 hours before the appointment is the general rule, but sometimes other arrangements are expected (sparties, concierge services, etc), and the salon will let you know.  If the salon charges a fee for missed appointments, they are legally able to do so.

3) Make sure that you have reviewed the salon or spa’s website to learn about all the offerings and programs that may benefit you, and of course, all their policies. If the salon has multiple employees, they might not remember to ask you if you are interested in the Loyalty Program or Referral Program, for example. And they might have specific policies for different services.

4) Feel free to ask questions about the treatment prior to the appointment. There have been times when clients receive a treatment under an assumption which led to some expectations, and these were not met because the service was completely different from what they thought.

5) Be prepared to be “present” for your appointment. That means that your appointment is your “ME TIME”.  Shut your cell phone off and don’t plan to rush your way out. If you’re not sure about the time frame a specific treatment will take, make sure to call the salon in advance to inquire.

6) If you made an appointment for a body reatment, take a shower before you arrive to your appointment. Some people exude more body odor than others. While therapists are trained to work with everyone, there are times when body odor makes it difficult to perform the treatment or concentrate, leaving the client with a less than desirable spa or salon experience.

7) Know that you can speak up about what you want and need. Communicate with your therapist about what is happening for you before, during and after treatment. Sometimes, people shy away from communicating for fear of hurting the therapist’s feelings. Nothing can be more rewarding to your therapist than receiving HONEST feedback about your experience. It’s the only way he/she can grow in their career.

8) Tips are not mandatory, but a 15-20% gratuity is customary. Most therapists and technicians, like waiters, make their living from tips. You can leave the tip in cash in the room before you leave, or you can leave it at the front desk with an envelope. If more than one therapist worked with you, leave separate tips.  Tips in cash are preferred, but it’s OK to add them to the credit card.  If this is the case, feel free to ask the receptionist or spa coordinator if your therapist will receive her tip. There have been times when the receptionist is not paying close attention or is multi-tasking and tips are not properly recorded, leaving the therapist without her tip.

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