Buying Professional Skincare? Not on Amazon, you don’t!

Diversion is the equivalent to piracy in the entertainment industry.


Also not at Target. Or CVS. Or Walmart. Or in the case of prompting me to write this blog — TJ MAXX.
So this happened —
This past week I decided to do a little decor and ambiance shopping. I was browsing my local TJ MAXX/Home Goods in search of a new blanket for my treatment table in the perfect shade of turquoise (not too bright, not too blah) when all of a sudden, familiar packaging catches the corner of my eye —
What in the hell?
I whipped out my iPhone and took a picture of the front of the package. I then flipped it over to take a picture of the back. Oh, nice expiry date, BTW. June 2015. UGH.
I had to take the pictures, though, as this wasn’t your average  [insert sold at department store cosmetics brand here] — this was IMAGE. Which is a…

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