The Top 6 Myths About Anal Bleaching

intimate bleachingThere’s a lot of misinformation out there, so let’s start by dispelling the top six myths I get asked all the time.

It’s only for the anal area

Actually, “anal bleaching” is the common term used for Intimate Skin Bleaching, which is the umbrella term. Intimate Skin Bleaching applies to the anus, the vulva, underams, under the breasts, testicular and groin areas.  For some people, the knees, elbows and neck are also considered intimate areas, therefore all of these areas can be treated using the proper umbrella term – Intimate Skin Bleaching.

It’s a one-time deal type of treatment

This is probably to the #1 top myth.  Keep this in mind: it took years for your backside to get this dark. While it won’t take years to lighten it, it will certainly take at least 6 weekly sessions. Regardless of which route you go: at-home product, in salon service or medspa laser treatment, it definitely takes more than one treatment to get the area lightened.

“Bleaching” involves the use of harsh chemicals

Nothing is further from the truth. There are indeed many products coming to our country containing banned ingredients (via Amazon or eBay) such as mercury, for example. Mercury is highly toxic and can cause serious psychiatric, neurological, and kidney problems. Pregnant women can pass the mercury to their unborn child. Another toxic ingredient for these intimate areas is hydroquinone or HQ. Prolonged use of HQ could lead to ochronosis and has been linked to toxicity in the body, including cancer. A highly reputable skincare center would never use harmful ingredients. In fact, there are many advances in the skincare industry allowing for highly active botanicals such as alpha hydroxy acids and peptides to do wonders for skin pigmentation.

Anal bleaching completely gets rid of the dark pigmentation

All pigmentation might not go away. First of all, the vulvar area, for example, does tend to be darker than the rest of the body because it’s a highly vascularized area (blood vessels). The anal area, due to its main bio-physical purpose, may not clear 100%. If our skin is naturally darker, lightening these darker areas might take longer than a person with lighter skin. If the ingredients being used are safe for your body, the realistic expectation is to not expect 100% lightened skin.  Going the unsafe, unhealthy route will not allow you to enjoy your lightened areas as much as you would like for as long as you would like.

As long as safe ingredients are used, there are no other risks involved

Most people I talk to – clients and skincare professionals alike – are not aware at all of the risks this treatment might impose on clients (and the professional as well). First of all, when having the anal (and vaginal) area worked on, this treatment can definitely make the client more susceptible for HIV infection and other STDs. Also, since most STDs are asymptomatic, a client might not be aware they have an STD, exposing the skincare professional to an infection (if not wearing or removing gloves properly). Also, if the client has an STD and treatment is performed in the same area, it could worsen the infection.

Skincare centers and professionals offering anal bleaching are experts in this specialty treatment

As a skincare professional of 24 years, and sex and health educator for over 10 years, I am shocked at the numerous times I talk to other skincare professionals about Intimate Skin Bleaching’s potential risks because the look in their eyes is like “OMG! I had no idea!”  So, if you’re looking for a reputable and knowledgeable place, ask this test question: “Will this treatment put me at risk for HIV infection and other STDs?”  If the answer is no, look somewhere else. You can also ask if the skincare professional is specifically certified in Intimate Skin Bleaching. Chances are they’re not properly trained. This is the reason the Institute of Holistic and Transformative Aesthetics (IHTA) was created, to properly train and certify skincare professionals on Intimate Skin Bleaching.

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